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Lloyd was an excellent sheep extension officer who I had the pleasure to manage while based at Toowoomba, DPI.

He worked independently but was also a good team player when needed. He excelled in providing advice to sheep producers interested in prime lamb production. He also provide local leadership at the Goondiwindi DPI office and in the district.

March 17, 2013, SANDRA managed Lloyd at Lloyd Dunlop Sheep and Lamb Consultant.
Goat only Veterinarian & owner at Goat Veterinary Consultancies- goatvetoz


Sent: Monday, 20 May 2013 7:17 AM
To: Lloyd, Dunlop
Subject: dorper info

Hello LLoyd,

Results of our last scanning of 6000 ewes & sales…. All undetectable ewes have been sold.

2000 Ewe lambs joined at approximately 7 months of age; 70% scanned pregnant. The 30% undetectable were sold to meatworks as lambs, 2/3 dressed at 27.1 kg at 10 months & the second draft at 23.6 kg at 12 months.

The ewe hoggets (on their second conception) scanned 90% in lamb; 51% of those pregnant are carrying twins.

If we can regularly repeat this, I believe that dorpers have a big future.

Jeff Betts
Addendum: Jeff has achieved close to 200% lambings of scanned in lamb ewes for over 4 years now. That’s nearly 12000 lambs annually from twice joined 6000 White Dorper ewes.


From Facebook Meatmaster Sheep July 3 2014 at 2:19am

(Translated to english by Facebook) post by Boemie Saaiman

That’s 280% per year and not / not kidding. My ewes lamb every 6mnde and others 8mnde.

Yes, most of the sheep runs all year on the pastures with the sheep that extra supplement for milk production and get the lambs get creep out. No I seleteer not 2linge (twins) on the stage, but my lamb% per lambing season on my older ewe is 170% avg.

July 3 at 1:42am · Like · 1
Translation from Affrikaans by Justice Malanot Boemie Saaiman says: 1) the 280% is per annum en not per lambing season Lloyd Dunlop. 2) some of his ewes lamb every 6 months and others every 8 months.3) the ewes are on Alfalfa most of the year with some supplements for increased milk production. 4) the lambs also get supplemental feed. Boemie doesnt select for twins at this stage. Some of his older ewes drop down to 170% lambing average.

July 3 at 2:19am · Like
(Boemie’s flock are Meatmasters of which representatives bred by Denis Russell of Bordertown SA exist in Australia mostly in the keep of my Qld clients. As they have a lower metabolic rate than most Meat sheep they are well suited to semi arid areas on summer grasses. This testimonial suggests they are well suited to intensive forage production as well. Lloyd)

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